Cooperation with the town of Beiersdorf in Germany has been going on for a few years.

For a long time the cooperation had not been formalised, covering mainly exchanging experience in the activities of Voluntary Fire Brigades. The cooperation was initiated by Mr Tadeusz Madzia, who established contacts with the local population of the town of Baiersdorf and decided to make practical use of them.

The long-standing cooperation between the Wellerstadt Voluntary Fire Brigade and the Fire Brigade in Górki Wielkie provided foundations for the formal partnership of the town of Beiersdorf and the Commune of Brenna, which was formally announced on 6 July 2007. The partnership serves the process of building understanding between the two nations in the spirit of humanitarianism and toleration. The aim of the cooperation is also to boost and deepen interpersonal, cultural, sports and economic relations.

Before signing the partnership document, the Commune Governess, Ms Iwona Szarek, expressed gratitude towards members of the Voluntary Fire Brigades of both Brenna and Baiersdorf whose cooperation was a catalyst for the partnership dialogue. Signing the act of partnership opened a new chapter in the history of contacts between the two places.

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