Town Twinning has been known in Europe since the 1970’s. Partnership of twin towns or communes consists in exchanging experience in the area of culture, economy and education. Town Twinning allows for dialogue between places which are somehow similar and which are willing to establish long-term cooperation. The commune of Brenna was the first in the County of Cieszyn to take part in the Town Twinning project in 2007 – 2008. The project of international exchange was initiated by the Italian party. In August 2008 a delegation of the Commune of Brenna was invited to the Italian Commune of Campodipietra. Representatives of the Commune of Brenna authorities together with their counterparts from Campodipietra signed a letter of intent of cooperation on 28.08.2008. During the 10-day exchange visit, the Polish delegation had an opportunity to learn about the nature of the commune, the culture of the region, the system of education in Italy and the touristic value of Campodipietra. Views were also exchanged by private entrepreneurs. Owing to the project, inhabitants of both the Commune of Brenna and Campodipietra will be able to take part in such visits in future, to the mutual benefit. Thanks to the European Commission and the good will of both communes, the idea of European dialogue and partnership between two communes separated by the distance of 1673 km has been successfully implemented.

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