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One should ask: how did it start? Contrary to what might seem, the cooperation with Siófok in Hungary started with the search conducted in Górki Wielkie, that is at our own place. This is where we managed to “find” Mr Csaba Bobko, who is Hungarian by descent and who has lived and worked in Poland for 12 years. Thanks to Mr Csaba Bobko we sent a translated letter of intent, containing information about our villages; as a result, the Mayor of the town of Siófok, Mr Arpad Balazs, became interested in establishing cooperation with the commune of Brenna.

The Polish and Hungarian nations have met many times in the past; sometimes we were close to each other, at other times not so, but both nations have always been true to the old Polish saying “The Pole and Hungarian are two nephews, both with the sabre, and with the drinking glass” (“Polak, Węgier dwa bratanki i do szabli i do szklanki”).

The first meeting of the representatives of Brenna and Siófok took place in December 2007 and at the very beginning both parties expressed their will to establish cooperation, without the need to formalise the actions that will be taken. Representatives of the commune of Brenna revisited Siófok in February 2008; during that visits attempts were made at finding a common area of interest for the future cooperation of both parties. An opportunity to cooperate with such a partner is a great honour as the town of Siófok has a great touristic potential and is known all over Europe. The cooperation will allow us to carry out our plans effectively and to draw on experiences gained by the Hungarian party in development of tourism, which is one of the main pillars of the development strategy of our commune. We have a lot to offer and this must be made use of and promoted. Such exchange advertises our potential in a specific manner, allowing us at the same time to activate those areas of public activity which have not had an opportunity to present themselves.

All those events led to signing on 29 August 2008 a solemn letter of intent about the cooperation of Siófok and Brenna, which became a prelude to our joint actions.

In July 2008 children from the “Spójnia” Górki sports club went to Siófok as part of the cooperation. It was an unforgettable event for them.

From 30 January 2009 to 8 February 2009 the commune of Brenna played host to a group of young people with their carers from the town of Siófok in Hungary. The main purpose of the Hungarian guests’ visit was to take part in a ski camp. The weather was perfect and the activities could be carried out as planned. During their stay in the commune of Brenna, the young people from Hungary were invited to visit the Chlebowa Chata and to have a tour of the Zofia Kossak’s Museum. Animation activities were also organised at “Piwnica Artystyczna” On a Sunday morning, the Commune Governess, Ms Iwona Szarek, said farewell to the guests and wished them safe journey home.

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